What is Geopathic stress?

Geopathic stress is a natural phenomenon which affects certain places throughout the world. It is one of the main causes of Sick Building Syndrome. It is harmful to our and our animals’ health. The cause is a combination of one or more of the effects of natural radiation, underground water, changes to the Earth’s magnetic field or the effects of gravity. There are also regular grids covering the surface of the Earth which can impact on humans. While some of these effects can be positive, some are detrimental. The latter include the Hartmann, Curry and Bencker grids – named after German scientists who were the first to identify them.

What is electromagnetic stress?

The term electromagnetic stress (Electro Magnetic Frequency Stress – EMF Stress) or electromagnetic pollution is due to electromagnetic radiations that can be coming from ixternal H/M cloud, which is created from antennas (tv, mobile phones), radar, substations of electric currency, train railroads and UMTS.

Also, electromagnetic stress is caused by domestic H/M pollution, (in other words all electric devices from houses, cordless phones, mobiles phones, and wireless endocommunication.

The human body is a receiver, producer, transponder, good conductor of temperature and electricity, which means it is influenced in a great degree from electromagnetic alterations.

The alteration of the earth’s magnetic field from 7.83 Hz (normal frequency) to 250 Hz for example is due to crossing of the underground waters in depth about 200 to 500 meters. These changes caused dramatic effects in the living organisms in our planet, which means that the greater the alternation of the electromagnetic field the great the dangers to be increasing for the human health status.

The effects have to do with the exhaustion of the immune system, the minimum resistance in viruses and bacteria, and a variety of psychosomatic situations which lead the organism in chronic and regenerative diseases.

The dominant diseases that were observed by scientists the previous years were different forms of cancer in people who used to live in areas with underground waters.

Health effects of Geopathic stress

The action of H/M stress alters the normal frequencies in cellular level and the organism is moving towards chronic and degenerative diseases. The disruption that occurs in the H/M of the environment affects the brain, heart, muscular system or decreases the bioenergetic level of the chakras, which influence the homeostasis for the human physiology.

Dr. Hartmann in different cancer studies with cancer patients made the conclusion that there is a strong relationship with H/M stress and the disease. Also, a Russian study in 2003 estimated that exposure in H.M stress form the day of fertilization can get a tendency for future carcinogenesis for organs such as breast, prostate, ovary, lung, and liver.

World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized the S.B.S (sick building syndrome (houses, hotels, offices, factories etc. is responsible for the following symptoms:

•            Headaches

•            Sensitivity for sickness among employees

•            Respiratory problems

•            Insomnias

•            Xerodermas

•            Concentration problems

•            Depression

•            Fatigue (mental and somatic)

•            Allergies

•            Memory exhaustion

•            Heart problems

•            Eye disorders

Health Effects of Electromagnetic stress in health

Nowadays, the daily use of microwaves, radiowaves, X-rays, γ- radiation contribute in the so called H/M “pollution”, which has been recently mentioned to many scientific studies for the danger of provoking the following diseases:

•           Increasing possibility of neurological problems

•            Decrease of brain cells

•            Carcinogenesis

•            Circulatory problems

•            Lack of concentration, sleep, and appetite

•            Respiratory disorders

•            Heard disorders

•            Skin rashes

•            Allergies

•            Thyroid problems

•            Fibromyalgia

•            Decreased function of adrenals.


Ways of Investigating Geopathic and Electromagnetic Stress

Fist way is by measurement of the H/M pollution by electronic devices. Also, with the method of rods can be precisely investigated subway waters, tectonic plates, and/M networks of Curry and Hartmann.

Also, different kinesiology tests from specialized scientists can test for Geopathic or Electromagnetic stress.

Ways of Protection from Geopathic and Electromagnetic Stress

The best way to protect yourself and your family from H/M stress is not to be close to sources that emit electromagnetic and geopathic stress. So you must:

• Avoid living in places with H/M stress

• Avoid exposure of H/M fields in rooms over 1 mGHz.

• Avoid using of electric blankets and water beds.

• Shut off all electric devices and don’t let them in stand by position.

• Avoid living in building located at 2 km distance from antennas of mobile telephones.

• Avoid using wireless phones, but prefer the normal ones with wire.

However, if you don’t have the capability to change all the above habits for you and your family, you MUST find other ways of protection for geopathic and electromagnetic stress. Such ways are the following:

• The use of crystals that absorb H/M and geopathic stress in your place.

• The use of devices that neutralize H.M and geopathic stress

The basic issue that you must be careful with the objects that absorb H/M and geopathic stress, is that if you don’t clean them frequently you may have the opposite result from the expected. This means that your contact will be specific with a toxic charged object.

Use protection devices that neutralize simultaneously both H/M and geopathic stress.

Also, it would be wise to choose devices that have been proven scientifically for their effectiveness.

The above choice will reward you the a sense of brightness, wellness, better concentration in your work, stimulation of immune system, better capability for sickness recovery, mental clarity, pain relief, improvement of organism to absorb vitamins, and minerals, improvement of detoxification process, regulations of human physiology, and relief of stress from the body and the environmental space.

Moreover, the above choice helps in the remarkable action of homeopathic drugs, dietary supplements, because the burden of H/M and Geopathic stress provokes decrease of functionality and absorptive capability of the organism.

Many studies have proven with live blood analysis (see below in part H) that the devices used for the protection of H/M and geopathic stress, indicated that red blood cells are not coagulated anymore, and as a result to have much better oxygenation for the organism.


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