The classic drugs usually act for the release of symptoms of a disease without the exclusion of side effects, but the supplement used by Natural Regulating Medicine act mainly to regulation of the human physiology without side effects. In other words, specialized supplements are used for every evolutionary stage of disease in the inflammatory procedure, and their action is individualized and targeted.

The classic drugs act mainly for the symptom remission of a disease without avoiding side effects, while the bioactive compounds for natural regulating medicine act without side effects with major aim to regulate the human physiology. In other words, specific supplements are used for each evolutionary stage for inflammatory procedure, and their action is individualized and targeted.

This new therapeutic approach is friendly towards the cells because the bioactive compounds contained in the supplements are herb extracts, metals or trace elements or others that their concentrations regulate the symptom without side effects.

The microdoses of bioactive molecules convert the immunological responses and communications of cells, and are capable to reactivate adequately a biological immune response (as it actually happens).

By this way, the inflammatory procedure (acute or chronic) is being regulated so it can lead to complete autotherapy with major decrease of time of restoration. Depending on the major symptoms and diagnosis of the disease, several therapeutic supplements and different methods can be chosen (therapeutic gymnastics, accupancture, meditation etc), which are ways of Natural Regulating Medicine and the reprogramming of PNEI and the targeted and strategic detoxification.