Natural Regulating Medicine is one of the most evolutionary approaching methods in human health with innovations in diagnostic as well as in therapeutic level. It is the bridge between Classical and Conventional Medicine, which is based on proven knowledge and research according to the latest data of the international bibliography.  Natural Regulating Medicine can be applied by all medical specialties, and other health professionals (osteopaths, nutritionists, reflexologists, dentists, physiotherapists etc).

Natural Regulating Medicine can use specific targeted tests in diagnostic level, which are not performed in common labs. The diagnostic tests can be classical or complementary and their purpose is the complete investigation of the human physiology in prevention or the symptom of the individual’s health. This is the big difference with the classical medicine, which majorly aims to the symptomatic therapy and not to the reasons for the problem, and the result is the partially managing of the patient’s physiology and the outcome will be recurrence.

Natural Regulating Medicine can use in therapeutic-regulatory level combination of classical and conventional therapies with major goal to be the complete patient’s health restorations (somatic and psychic), after long term clinical laboratorial testing of Konstantinon Research Center of Molecular Medicine and Biotechnology). In other words, classical medicine is not abolished, but it is just fulfilled with biological supplements without side effects, which are based on natural extracts, dietary supplements, organic preparations etc., which are enable the regulations of the human physiology in addition with the alteration of diet and the daily way of life.

Konstantinion Research Center applies, teaches Natural Regulating Medicine, and uses the following 6 methodologies:

Α) Individualized diagnostic profile of the patient.

Β) Targeted detoxification based on strategic plan.

C) Regulation of Phsycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immune (P.N.E.I.) axis with complex regulating supplements.

D) Symptomatic treatment with allopathic, homeopathic, and anti-homotoxic supplements.

Ε) Regulation of Biochemical parameters with dietary supplements based on individual diagnosis..

F) Investigation for prevention of Geopathic and electromagnetic stress.

NOTE: The center will train doctors and therapists in the course of Natural Regulating Medicine in Greece and abroad with the major criteria scientific knowledge, morale, and deontology.