When we talk about electromagnetic field (EMF), we mean a pulsate wave (electric and magnetic in an angle of 90 degrees. This wave is emitted by the nucleus of the earth and it covers our whole planet. However, EMF is emitted in the human organism with a frequency about 7.8Hz. Also, every cell, tissue, organs, nerves, arteries, genes emit in completely different frequencies, which means they bioresonate in the earth’s electromagnetic field, having as a result the stability of the physiology of our organism.

On the other hand, when some organs deviate from the normal frequency, the organism can express symptoms. The difference with the other diagnostic methods is that with this specific technology we visualize the tendency of the human organism to express disease before the appearance of the symptom, while the other methods such as ultrasound, MRI etc. can detect only the symptom.

Furthermore, with this technology we can diagnostically be aware of our energetic profile, where when is normal, the organism can overcome all diseases, which can be handled much better than an organism that has a disturbed energetic profile. Also, with this EMF technology, we can check the level of toxicity, the phyco-neuro-endocrine-immune system (PNEI) (aura), which plays a huge role in the physioregulation of our organism. Finally, we can check for miasms (bacteria, viruses, etc, where their traces still exist inside our organism), possibly form chronic circumstances, which can never be detected with the current hematological tests. By this way, we can also detect the quality of the doctor’s therapeutic techniques.

Besides the diagnostic part, the technology of EMFs-bioresonance can be used in a therapeutic protocol, since international scientists have decoded therapeutic frequencies of all kind of diseases. More than 5000 diseases can be regulated with targeted frequencies. They have established therapeutic programs that can contribute in most diseases without side effects because the intensity of the EMF’s is low and can not affect the human organism.

In other words, bioresonance is a current scientific evolution in the medical field that serves to the necessity for early prevention and treatment. It offers an individual approach of the patient based on deeper reasons of disease expression.

However, the trained user makes the difference with this technology because many false scientists try to use this technology with no results and promise many things to the patients in order to attract them in their offices. Despite the amount of the devices that exist in the global market, the trained scientist is the one who can make the difference by using bioresonance ONLY when is needed and knows what and when frequencies to apply to the patient correctly. ALL others that try to use bioresonance are fraud and the public has to be careful with them.  Ask them questions about what and why they use it and ask to see education and certifications about their training.

Bioresonance or EMF is a different way of energy application, where our cells emit so they can communicate. But, this communication can be disturbed causing diseases. The disturbances can be caused by viruses, foods, metals, pollen, pesticides, even the tooth fillings. Bioresonance is a method, which tries to “clean” the individual mark for every organism from pathological “interferences” from different substances.

Also, bioresonance as a complementary method can be combined with therapeutic methods such as homeopathy, acupuncture, reflexology, etc.

Finally, the method of EMF or bioresonance is exceptional because it evaluates generally the human organism and not specifically and tries to investigate the reason of the disease and not just the symptom. Also, the key in this method for better results and evaluation must be performed by only professional trained doctors because the early information of the disease or early diagnosis can save the patient’s life.