Konstantinion Research Center applies on specific diagnostic tests the last years for the evaluation of the human physiology and the recognition of causes the provoke disease.  These diagnostic tests can be biochemical, immunological, genetic, imaginary or even specialized targeted tests performed by hair or saliva.

These tests can assist all medical specialties and other health professionals to have much better diagnosis for their patients in order to have better and more efficient targeted therapy. The following are the categories analyzed for the diagnostic tests:

Α) Tests with flow cytometry technology.

B) Tests for infertility, miscarriages, and failed IVF trials.

C) Tests for detection of minerals and metals by analysis of hair tissue.

D) Tests for detection of food intolerance (from 20 to 270 antibodies) with serum.

E) Tests from human saliva.

F) Test for genetics (gene analysis).

G) Biological applications.

H) Clinical blood microscopy (dark Field analysis).

I) Biochemical, hematological, endocrine tests on biological liquids.

J) Imaginary tests (MRI).

K) Test for investigating the human physiology by detection of the electromagnetic field-Bioresonance.