The term biological application or biological therapy even nowadays is misunderstood or confused with the classical therapies. However, the essence of this is that something natural doesn’t cause any side effects.

The effective biological therapy requires the understanding of the biochemical mechanisms and the genetic status of the disease, so the right application of therapy can be used properly, which will regulate parameters so the human physiology can operate normally without side effects.

Also, a biological therapy is based on the fact that humans are NOT just a biological machine composed of biological organs, BUT are multiple being, and unique psycho organic entity.

Biological therapy stimulates one or multiple human systems, activates many natural mechanisms with the main result the auto self therapy of the organism.

Our Center has developed and still keeps on developing innovative technologies for the benefit of the patients and tries constantly to prove them scientifically.

Two such techniques are the application of the autologous rich platelet plasma (PRP), and Bio-oxidative treatments-therapies with Hydrogen Peroxide (Η2Ο2) and Ozone (Ο3), which will be analyzed in the section of biological therapies.