The PCS (Pioneer Century Science) conference based on China, organized a fantastic conference for cancer with the title: Stimulating Innovation to improve Quality of Life, which was held in Athens, Greece at November 15-16th.

The president of the conference was Professor Dr. Chiming Wei, MD, PhD., assistant professor at May Clinic, USA, and director of Nanomedicine  research Lab in John Hopkins University  School of Medicine.

The organizing committee invited Dr. Ioannis John Toliopoulos from Konstantinion Research Center to give a presentation in the immunology of cancer and honored him by putting him as a co-chair with Prof. Wei in the morning session of the conference.  The other distinguished speakers in this morning session included Prof. Dr. Michael Stark, MD, PhD, Prof. Aleksander Sikorski, Dr. Hammeed Khan, Prof. Dr. Amit Roy, and Prof. Thomas Mavromoustakos.

You can watch also and pay attention to this last part of the video, the 25 monoclonal antibodies that can be used in daily practice by clinicians to manage cancer patients in order to extend their life and give them much more quality in their daily routine.

These antibodies cover specific pathways for cancer in terms of its metabolism, multiplication, EMT, metastasis, adhesion, and survival, which have been proven the last years and can be essential factors in the daily practice in order to manage the cancer patient with more targeted and individualized therapies.  This project is mandatory to achieve international collaborations with high level scientists for the benefit of the cancer patients.

Watch this innovative presentation in the following video: