Nowadays, it has been noticed the increase of miscarriages rates in a pregnancy, and most gynecologists don’t know the reasons and the treatments in order to revert this outcome, which is stressful and has economic effects for a pregnant woman.

Our Center, has increased in about 80% successful pregnancy rates after miscarriages with modern diagnostic technologies, clarifying the quality of genetic material of male and female.

Our Center targeted diagnostic and therapeutic approach for MEN. In order words, it clears that the miscarriage is not due to the bad genetic material of the man. This can be cleared not only by a simple sperm analysis and sperm culture, but by the DNA fragmentation, which is analyzed by the technology of flow cytometry, which has been proven clinicolaboratorially the last years.

Our Center has also targeted diagnostic approach for WOMEN in terms for their genetic material. In other words, besides AMH (anti-Mullerian Hormone) which is responsible for ovarian reserve volume, our center measures inhibin B, which gives answers for the quality of ovaries.

One other parameter responsible for miscarriages is Thrombophilia, where 6 mutations must be tested. Our center detects also the biomarker PLA (platelet leucocyte aggregates) in order to administer therapeutic solution with baby aspirin or low molecular heparin to the lady before and during pregnancy.

Our Center, also offers targeted diagnostic approach in the histocompatability issue or anti-parental antibodies with a unique test called (Blocking factors), which clarifies diagnostically both issues.  If the result is positive, then the woman received infusion with IVIg once which lasts from 6 months to one year, and not lymphocyte immunization which has been abolished from FDA of USA.

Conclusively, the professional scientific approaches of all factors in diagnostic and therapeutic level have contributed to successful pregnancies to couples that have visited our Center and have followed all our protocols very carefully. Our results, especially in rapid spontaneous abortions (RSAs) have been recorded to be more than 80%. Therefore, our Center can help all those couples that want to have successful fertilization in the way that they won’t spend their money in useless diagnostic tests or therapies, and will give the right solution.