We all know the extremely sophisticated sensations that our bees have in locating flowers from afar.

The bee’s “nose” can detect and detect “molecules” circulating in the atmosphere from such a great distance that you could not imagine. At a foreign university, researchers have developed an impressive cancer tumor detection system in which bees detect cancer molecules that are released into the atmosphere by humans when they breathe.

The “nose” of the bee is its antennae which at the end have up to 3 thousand small slots in order to be able to trap these molecules that flow into the atmosphere from miles away.

Scientists did not hesitate to exploit it, and this time to use it to cure the biggest disease that plagues our planet, CANCER !!!

The Procedure is as follows. The patient blows into the glass structure, and if he suffers from the disease even at an early stage, the bees detect it. To make it more understandable when a bee detects that the disease does exist, then it is rewarded with syrup which you place in the special slot.

So after hard training the bees combine in their brain the disease with finding food. And when this happens all the hidden “superstitions” come to the surface !!!!

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