Dr. Ioannis Toliopoulos, PhD. Post Doc,  Molecular Biologist, Physiologist, Immunologist of Reproductive Medicine

Detoxification means the internal cleaning of the organism or the excretion of chemicals, toxins and other substances, which are foreign to the organism. This excretion is done by the urinary system and sweat. Especially, in the daily industrial environment that humans reside in, detoxification is mandatory for everybody for the quality of health.

Detoxification can have a positive result in sleep, in skin, in joints, in digestion, in mentality, in control of weight, in energy levels and physical stamina. In other words, there is no need for somebody to be patient in order to activate the mechanisms of detoxification.

A healthy body cleans itself

The organism that functions well will excrete all toxins and the chemicals by itself. The immune system can differentiate among substances the ones that belong or they don’t belong to the organism. These substances that are recognized as xenobiotics are moving towards the closer exit. For example, if we swallow a coin, it will appear in the toilet. If we have fever, sweat will serve as mean for excretory toxins, as diarrhea is a natural reaction for the relief of bacteria from our intestines. In a similar way, an immune system that functions well can inactivate and excrete (cancer) cells that have been mutated abnormally. The right function of the physiology of our system depends from:

  • Our genetic or hereditary capability
  • The range or the environmental effect from the chemicals that surround us
  • The degree where every organism is protected against the exposure in these chemicals

Exposure in Toxins

Many people don’t know that their body hosts every kind of xenobiotics. These can derive from undigested food residues as well as chemicals (pesticides, radioactive substances, poisonous metals etc.) or toxins that invade or produced by the body as products of metabolism. These toxins can be some kilograms every year! These exogenic toxins can enter the organism via food (for example, presticides used in food, hormones, drugs), via respiration (for example, tobacco, smog, paints), vial skin contact (clothes, cosmetics), or via radioactiviy (solar radiation, X-Rays, radiotherapy). Factors like stress and lack of sleep can also activate the production of harmful substances that are called free radicals. Usually, toxin’s presence in the organism is provoked from a combination of many harmful factors.

That’s why our organs (liver, kidneys) work hard in order to take the toxins out. When their quantity is greater than the one that our body can handle, these toxins are stored as garbage in different organs and tissues such as joints, fat, connective and neural. At some period of time, these stored toxins can cause health problems.

Chemical sensitivity in toxins

The degree, where a person’s health in influenced by the toxin’s presence, depends partly on the sensitivity of the individual in chemical substances. Some people may have never some influence in toxins, where some others may suffer from headaches, fatigue or eczema.

Usually, health problems appear only after extended exposure in toxins. The diseases appear usually almost suddenly. The organism in this case has already developed a chemical sensitivity in toxins.

For example, the chemical pesticides can trigger symptoms and therefore the development of chemical sensitivity. In addition, there is the danger of addiction: the

Organism is less capable to recognize the toxins as harmful (for example alcohol consumption) and therefore the toxin is neither decomposed nor excreted form the organism and is accumulated more and more. Long exposure to toxins can lead even to the initiation of carcinogenesis.

So, how can someone succeed in activating the organism in detoxification?

Strategic Targeted Detoxification

The strategic detoxification must be considered depending on the level of toxicity of the organism. In this logical approach, the functional and structural restoration is regained and as a result the regulation of a health cellular metabolism. Clinical data has shown that 70% of therapies are based in a very good detoxification.

The individual stage of toxicity is composed of three levels:

In level one, where the organism is under inflammation and its immune system in hyperesponse.

In level two, where the organism is under decrease of functionality of different organs and hyperplasia and hypertrophy.

In level three, where the organism is under full change in structure and in its function.

In all levels of toxicity, the first step is the detoxification of extracellular space (MATRIX) and the direction of the toxins in excretory organ such as kidneys and liver. Matrix includes connective tissue and extracellular liquid that surrounds all cells and organs of the organism. It is the field for all kinds of stress including physical, chemical, electromagnetic and psychological. It plays huge role in homeostasis maintenance of the phyco-neuro-endocrino-immune axis (P.N.E.I). For the complete detoxification in level two and level three, the lymph system must be cleaned up as well as the circulation system for microbes, viruses and parasites that probably have invaded blood. All these procedures are facilitated with biological specific substances that act targeted and individually to each organism.

Also, for the targeted diagnosis of the stage of toxicity, professional scientists with great experience are the ones that can clarify the level of toxicity of each individual. The way can be achieved by tests such as the energetic profile with the method of electromagnetic fields by well trained professional scientist and with the method of clinical microscopy in dry or live blood.

The clinical symptoms referring to the toxicity of the organism are the following:

Symptoms of toxicity of the organism

  • Low energy
  • Swollen eyes
  • Gases and inflammations
  • Constipation
  • Leaky gut syndrome
  • Skin disturbances
  • Allergies
  • Often colds
  • Period disturbances
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Depression
  • Mood manners
  • Mental problems
  • Hypertension
  • Viral and parasitic infections
  • Unexplained change of body weight
  • Cancer

With the targeted detoxification, the detoxified and cleaned Matrix will allow the cell to gain oxygen and the necessary nutrients in order its receptors to be activated with the related molecules. The detoxified and clean cell can execute its metabolic functions. The excretory organs are activated with targeted detoxification therapies and will strengthen the natural excretion of toxins. Moreover, the presentation of nutrients in cells is facilitated and the cellular defence is regulated via cleaning of free radicals, and maintained the communication through immune, endocrine and autonomic neural fibers.

In daily practice, the application of strategic detoxification is advised when the patient suffers from acute, chronic and degenerative disease, for example, patients with long therapies (antibiotics, corticosteroids), targets directly in the disease detoxifying via lymphatic canals without side effects and is a very good protocol for cleaning the organism in Fall and Spring.

NOTE: The most important Detoxifications oral supplments are R7,R18, and R60.


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