The targeted and strategic detoxification is one of the most important parts of Natural Regulating Medicine. Detoxification means the internal cleaning of the organism or the excretion of chemicals, toxins and other substances, which are foreign to the organism, and can be exogenic or endogenic.  Many diseases are prevented after detoxification and the organism functions better.  The strategic detoxification must be considered depending on the level of toxicity of the organism. In this logical approach, the functional and structural restoration is regained and as a result the regulation of a health cellular metabolism. Clinical data has shown that 70% of therapies are based in a very good detoxification.

The individual stage of toxicity is composed of three levels:

In level one, where the organism is under inflammation and its immune system in hyper response.

In level two, where the organism is under decrease of functionality of different organs and hyperplasia and hypertrophy.

In level three, where the organism is under full change in structure and in its function.

In all levels of toxicity, the first step is the detoxification of extracellular space (MATRIX) and the direction of the toxins in excretory organ such as kidneys and liver. Matrix includes connective tissue and extracellular liquid that surrounds all cells and organs of the organism.

It is the field for all kinds of stress including physical, chemical, electromagnetic and psychological. It plays huge role in homeostasis maintenance of the psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune axis (P.N.E.I). For the complete detoxification in level two and level three, the lymph system must be cleaned up as well as the circulation system for microbes, viruses and parasites that probably have invaded blood. All these procedures are facilitated with biological specific substances that act targeted and individually to each organism.