Eleni Kavazidou, Msc, PhD, project manager KRC

KRC has just started on being a hosting organization for students mobility for traineeships in the framework of Higher Education studying opportunities abroad.

In 12nd of October we accepted to our Institute Mr. Florian Kieferle, a young student of Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Dept. of Life Sciences/ Biotechnology. The first week was introductory and the second focusing on main daily activities of KRC and its cooperates (network of Medical Professionals).

Unfortunately, because of the temporal restrictions of COVID-19 in the city of Thessaloniki during October and the following lock-down, the program has been interrupted.

The program that has been scheduled for the Young Student is attached. Moreover, hereby you can find his first statement about his experience.

We hope for FLorian all the best and to continue his studies with many career opportunities and all of the success, counting on his inititiates and dynamic character.

“Introducing myself


I am Florian, a student of the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg in the Biotechnology Department.

Up to now I studied a lot about chemistry and biochemistry, also microbiology and process technology. In our University the students doing a lot of laboratory work too, to get better prepared for a job in the future. This is what I really appreciate, not only to study the theory, but also to take the knowledge and bring it into practice work.

In the near future I would like to work in the natural cosmetic and medicine industry. Up to now I have gained experience in a mechanical engineering company and in the lab of a German brewery by doing internships during the holidays.

Now I am here at the Konstantinion Research Center to gain also experience in the medical section to get a better view of what I want to do in the future. For this reason, I started to search for companies/organizations in which I could possibly gain such experience. So, I found Konstantinion Research Center in the internet and through checking the website it was clear to me, that I found what I needed. I think that I can study a lot of medicine and biotechnology here and learn a lot from John, also about researching and filtering information from articles. I probably can gain through this work here a lot of important skills for my bachelor thesis too. Another important thing to me is, to improve my English by talking, reading and writing every day.

I selected Thessaloniki because I’ve been already here last summer and some friends of mine live here. The city is beautiful, one of my favorite parts is the castle on the top of Thessaloniki. You can find good food everywhere and the city is next to the sea. I like how people are communicating with each other and how different they live their life in Greece in contrast to Germany. I am also studying Greek now, so to be able to understand the people more and to be more part of this culture.

My first week here was really good and full of sun. I like the warm weather, even in October it’s still comfortable to stay outside. What I can really recommend to other visitors is the castle on the top, you have a great view from up there, the area next to the white tower, to go through the streets of Thessaloniki, as you can find a lot of small and interesting shops and restaurants there.Last but not least, you can find beaches around Thessaloniki, which you can easily reach by car or by bus.

So if you are looking for a great city next to the sea, to have good food and find nice people, to relax on a beach, then you should come and visit Thessaloniki.”