For gene molecular diagnosis, we will start with 2 genes and in the future will specify to syndromes for avoiding hereditary diseases and also will analyze whole pathological genome.

Testing for BRCA1, BRCA2- breast cancer.

Note: This test covers the WHOLE genome of the above genes and NOT ONLY some frequent mutations observed in breast cancer, so the most accurate diagnostic approach in full explanation.

Research that have been contacted for several years concluded that BRCA1 and BRCA2 repair DNA damaged areas (oncosuppressive), so tissue mutations can be avoided and carcinogenesis.  It seems that NOT normality of BRCA1 and BRCA2 totally appear in about 10% of breast cancer cases.

It has been mentioned in women with mutations in BRCA1 gene present a total developing cancer risk in about 80% for ages up to 90 years. Also the mutations for this gene have been correlated to the cancer of ovaries in an estimated risk of about 55%.

On the other hand, BRCA2 participated in its not physiological forms in oncogenesis, and the rates of risk for cancer of ovaries arise up to 25%.

Also, mutations in BRCA genes have been correlated to cancer cases in man population, and in cancer prostate as well as cancers in pancreas, leukemia, and lymphomas in both sexes.