Counselor in Natural Regulating Medicine

Dr. Evi Kirmanoglou is a medical doctor, who graduated from the Medical University of Vienna, Austria. She worked in Germany and Austria, then she returned to Greece where she finished her residency. The last years, she is working in primary health system based in holistic health.

She participated in many international and national conferences. She participated in training and clinical courses in diabetes, hypertension, nephrology, and emergency medicine. She was also trained in acupuncture and participated in the Chinese Academy of Traditional Medicine, in China.

She has also been trained in systemic family psychotherapy neural therapy (neurophysiology and neuroimmunology. Nowadays, she has her own medical office in Edessa, and emphasizes holistic health especially in issues of pain and functional diseases.


Egnatia 59

Edessa, Pellas

Tel. 23810-22575