Vasilios Tsirtsidis is a graduate of the medical University in Sienna, Italy, and offers nowadays high level medical services in his medical offices for the whole family.

The doctor has been trained in the applications of orthomolecular dietary medicine, botanotherapy, and energetic quantum medicine.

His desire is the right direction of each patient based on his independent medical necessities. His services include general tests, prescriptions based in individualized diagnostics, and follow ups for each patient with high deontology and morale.  Furthermore, if necessary, he goes home to examine the patient and consult him individually.

He continuously researches and studies the advantages in medicine and he accompanied Konstantinion Research Center applying natural regulating medicine and he is interested in offering quality of life in patients that suffer from cancer and autoimmune diseases by high quality diagnostics and therapeutics that increase the global medical level.  This will be achieved by innovative clinical laboratorial protocols that will evaluate independently the patients and help them in the right direction.

Address in Alexandroupoli

Venizelou 72, Alexandrouli, 68 100

Τel.: 25510 35050