Dr. Ioannis Toliopoulos studied in Chicago, USA, Molecular Biology (BSc) with a full athletic and academic scholarship. Later, he studied basic sciences at an English-speaking Hungarian Medical University and then returned to Greece where he was awarded a doctorate from the Medical School of Ioannina in the Department of Clinical Laboratory Physiology, and especially in the field of immunodiagnostics and immunotherapy.

He later trained in Reproductive Medicine in Chicago, where he was awarded the Post Doc Diploma in Reproductive and Diagnostic Immunology. At the end of 2006, he founded a non-profit organization called Konstantinion Research Center for Molecular Medicine and Biotechnology, where he is currently president and develops scientific programs with his team on cancer pathways, autoimmune diseases and provides solutions to infertile couples.

In addition, he actively participates as a reviewer and on the Editorial Board in more than 10 scientific journals. Finally, most of the published research he conducted is in the field of cancer immunology and reproductive immunology.