Konstantinion Research Center

Konstantinion Research Center is an innovative multicenter of creativity, which intends to promote research, educate, and collaborate by organizing seminars and cultural events, and participating in revolutionary research programs.

Scopes and Purposes

To help and train new researchers, scientists, health practitioners with new scientific techniques for better health welfare.

To collaborate with all the medical specialties of modern medicine in molecular, biological, genetic, bioresonance, and biotechnological level.

To organize and participate in seminar/conferences for the information of the public.

Latest News

5 Feb


Posted by admin at 8:36 pm

The infusion of intralipid based on an old protocol with 2 or 3 infusions of 250 ml (one before the embryotransfer or before the (PT) pregnancy test) and 3 infusions after a positive PT, which is administered by

1 Feb

Small molecule plays a big role in reducing cancer’s spread

Posted by admin at 8:39 pm

AUGUSTA, Ga. (January 31, 2018) – One small molecule that helps regulate gene expression plays a big role in keeping us safe from the machinations of cancer, scientists

1 Feb

Case report of Successful Pregnancy of a 44 year old lady after 10 year trials and 10 Failed IVFs

Posted by admin at 2:13 pm

A 44 year old lady visited our fertility center with her 52 year old husband with 10 year infertility medical record at September 2016. The lady was submitted in

19 Jan

Bioresonance-Influence of Electromagnetic field and complementaries therapies in Astra Tv

Posted by admin at 12:42 pm

Watch the interview of Dr. Ioannis Toliopoulos in ASTRA Tv for the phenomenon of bioresonance. He clears what are the limits and applications of this method and sends a clear message to people that this technology can’t stand alone, but only