Konstantinion Research Center

Konstantinion Research Center is an innovative multicenter of creativity, which intends to promote research, educate, and collaborate by organizing seminars and cultural events, and participating in revolutionary research programs.

Scopes and Purposes

To help and train new researchers, scientists, health practitioners with new scientific techniques for better health welfare.

To collaborate with all the medical specialties of modern medicine in molecular, biological, genetic, bioresonance, and biotechnological level.

To organize and participate in seminar/conferences for the information of the public.

Latest News

22 Nov

Ovarian rejuvenation therapy with PRP (Plasma Rich in Platelet)

Posted by admin at 2:16 pm

Ovarian rejuvenation is a procedure that may create new eggs in the ovaries of women who are unable to conceive because of early menopause, advanced maternal age or low oocyte (egg) reserve, yet who

21 Nov

Saturated Fat May Increase Risk of Lung Cancer

Posted by admin at 7:53 pm

Total dietary fat and saturated fat intake may increase one’s risk of developing lung cancer, according to research published in the Journal of

21 Nov

UCLA researchers develop immunotherapy to treat advanced brain cancer

Posted by admin at 3:09 pm

These findings could lead to promising new treatments for people with glioblastoma. UCLA researchers have developed a new cancer treatment that uses a vaccine to activate

16 Nov

Early blood test could indicate risk of miscarriage

Posted by admin at 12:51 pm

A blood test in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy could indicate a risk of miscarriage or premature birth, early research suggests. US doctors believe they have found molecules in the blood that can be linked to serious birth